Xian Yuan Vinegar

Base of processing Japanese vinegar
Traditional zymotechnics, 100% made from pure grains
Sweet and sour mixed
Crystal and light
Good for health protection and beauty
Xian Yuan soya sauce

Traditional zymotechnics, 100% made from pure grains
You can feel thick soy sauce smelling and beautiful red color
First group to pass the admittance by national QS test
Without any man-made additive, diversiform
Xian Yuan preserved beancurd

Long history, three months zymotechnics, classic Beijing special product
Appointed products for 11th Asian Sport Meeting
Soft taste with fresh color
Xian Yuan vermicelli

The first company passed national QS test in vermicelli field
Without any alum, non-additive, natural product
Handpick green beans and potatos, soft taste
Indraught entirly automatic drying machines and bean treads machine producing technology
Xian Yuan thick broad-bean sauce

Export to Erope, America, Canada, etc.
Principal materials for Beijing Noodle Restaurants
Popular as " No.1 sauce under the sun" in northeast area
Made from high quality Dongbei beans and flours
Xian Yuan gift

Ingenious combination
Traditional and Beijing specialism
Tntegrated gifts, black vinegar gift, pickles gift
Your good choice for your families and friends
Beijing Xian Yuan Food Brewage limited Co.
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